Trail Rides

Trail Rides


Beginner or intermediate trail rides available. $25 per person per hour. 6 persons max. Age 6+

You must contact Kathy Crozier at 309-507-0062 BEFORE booking a ride to arrange a date/time and customize the ride to your group and abilities.

Once you have the details agreed on, note date/time. For longer rides, add additional hours as needed, then select the number of riders as the quantity to add to cart.

Jensen Woods Camp is happy to announce that we are now offering Trail Rides!

$25 per hour per person*

We are not your traditional show up, get on, nose-to-tail ride. Instead, you will have the chance to brush and saddle your horse with our guidance, you will learn the basics of stopping and steering, and then you will enjoy our beautiful property on horseback. (This being said, please allow an additional hour of your time for prep and guidance.)

Timid groups can take our shorter confidence building ride, while folks with some experience can expect a more challenging ride.
(*6 person group max. Age 6+)

Call Kathy Crozier at 309-507-0062 before your booking to work out the details.